As you may have guessed by now, I just adore flowers. One of my absolute favorites is the peony. I’m drawn to their delicate, soft, and feminine layers and how they change so much as they blossom. Over the past few years, they’ve also had a special place in my life.

When I first met my husband, I shared with him that my favorite flowers were peonies, roses, and hydrangeas. He remembered and sent me a bouquet that included all of them to my workplace on my birthday.

1st Birthday Flowers

A couple of years later, I was at my bridal shower in Boston. He had a bouquet of peonies sent to the shower as a surprise. On the card he wrote about how peonies are symbols of peace, stability, distinction, and wealth. All of which he hoped we would have in the years to come. I had always loved the aesthetic of peonies, but didn’t know their meaning. This card made me love them (and him of course!) even more.

Bridal Shower Peonies

Months after, I carried blush peonies as I walked down the aisle on a very warm day in June.

Wedding Collage Peonies

And today, they brighten our home every May and serve as a special reminder of sweet memories and hopes for the future.


Peony Care

Be sure to change the water every couple of days and keep them out of direct sunlight. They do best in a cool space without a draft. Keep the greens cut and out of the water. Greens sitting in the water will rot and diminish the life of the flowers.

If you love peonies and are heading to Paris…

Peonies Café and Flowers is the first coffee and flower shop in Paris. Situated in the 10th arrondissement, it’s near the bustling Canal Saint-Martin. In addition to the café, they have a flower bar and country bouquets made on the premise that you can bring home (or to your home away from home). Highly rated on travel sites, they have a diverse menu with gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, and vegan options . If you stop by, try booking a flower class ahead of time on the site!

Photos: Living Frenchly

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