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Since Saturday was National Rosé Day, I thought I’d throw it back and share pictures from the rosé tasting party I held a couple of summers ago. I had such a blast planning this party for a small group of my girlfriends and it is one of my favorite memories. Here are some fun ideas when hosting your own gathering this summer!

Get a festive manicure

I asked my manicurist for a rose gold French manicure for the event. Between my rose gold nails and my floral bodysuit, I felt my “look” reflected the theme and was fun without going too over the top.

Serve Delicious Food Representative of the Season

I spent hours washing, chopping, and arranging the dishes. But that was half the fun! We tucked into summer salads, pasta salad, fresh bread, cheeses, and more.

And Don’t Forget Dessert

A beautiful chocolate cake, fresh fruit, madeleines, and Nutella were the sweet complements to our informal meal.

Plan Your Wine Selection

Carefully curate your wine list. I was doing a rosé tasting party and wanted my guests to learn more about rosé wine and to walk away having a better idea of some of their favorite brands (because everyone’s palate is different!).

How did I come up with my list? I did a Google search for top rosé wines and made a preliminary list. Then I read reviews and tasting notes on each and narrowed it down to a variety of wines using different grapes that were at different price points. We tasted about half a dozen rosés throughout the day. My personal top two favorites were:

  • BY.OTT Côtes de Provence
  • Miraval Côtes de Provence

“The world looks better through rosé colored glasses.”


Set Your Table

I chose my color palate ahead of time and pre-washed dishes the day before. A mistake I made was forgetting linen is prone is wrinkles and had to live with the creased tablecloths for the day. I suggest ironing or steaming your linens the day before so they’re ready when you’re rushing to setup before the arrival of your guests. (Tip: When you’re hosting, don’t worry so much about everything being picture perfect. Everyone had such a great time, they didn’t even notice the tablecloths!)

Be Sure to Serve Water

You want to make sure your guests are drinking water. Especially if you’re also serving alcohol or if it’s a hot day…or both! I like to infuse the water the night prior so my friends can enjoy a spa-like experience. I always pick a different flavor. On this day, I went with cucumber water.

The Little Touches

I love attending events where the hostess takes the time to add little details. I picked up these cocktail napkins to add pops of color to the table and to go with the theme. Also, it’s easy to mix up wine glasses so I provided French-themed wine charms so each guest could find her glass easily.

I provided a guide about rosé and tasting notes so everyone could learn as we went through our tasting.

These ice cubes really dressed up the ice buckets for wow factor! I simply filled my ice tray with pretty rose petals and baby’s breath and covered with water. I let the trays freeze over night and voilà !

It’s nice to tie in the areas surrounding your table with the decor and color scheme of your party. This will also create inviting areas for guests to sit so they’re not limited to the table.

Group Activities

Not all of my guests knew each other so I wanted to have an activity that I thought everyone would be excited about and that would provide a chance to sit down and talk. So I gave a tutorial on making flower crowns! It was the perfect “girly” touch to the day.

Now it’s Time for Your Party

I’d love to hear what parties you’re hosting this summer! Please comment with your favorite hosting tips and inspiration below. Santé!

Photos by: Living Frenchly

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