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With restrictions locally and abroad, we don’t have many opportunities to go to a spa, let alone somewhere like The Dior Institut in Paris to indulge ourselves and relax.

So how can we achieve a similar experience at home?

First, let’s set the tone. No one relaxes in harsh lighting. Dim the lights and light some candles. This Diptyque candle and this Homesick candle in the France scent are great candles for a French vibe.

This week, I watched Emily in Paris during my bath.

Or these if you prefer flameless candles.

Plug in a diffuser to infuse the air with calming scents like lavender or eucalyptus.

Start a bubble bath. My go-to bubble bath is Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt in lavender to relax my muscles and soothe my mind.

My setup before dimming the lights.

Elevate your bath with a bamboo or teak bathtub caddy tray. Mine can hold a glass of wine, cup of tea, or glass of homemade spa water; a facecloth; a gel eye mask (put in the freezer first for depuffing); and a book or a tablet.

Reading material.

Make sure you have a bath pillow or at least a rolled towel to support your neck. It would defeat the purpose if you leave the bath with neck pain!

If you’re not watching programming on your tablet, turn on spa music or a chill playlist like Pandora’s Pink Martini station. (I discovered this playlist ten years ago and it’s still one of my favorites!) You can also skip consuming content altogether and close your eyes -extra bonus points for resting some sliced cucumbers on your lids.

Make sure your best towels are washed and fluffed up ahead of time so they’re ready for your spa day.

A bath is also a great time to apply a face mask and/or a hair mask.

This is my old house, but I still have this bell! Obsessed.

Once out of the tub, immediately slather yourself in rich body cream and massage your feet and hands to trap in as much moisture as possible.

Slip into silky pajamas or a cozy spa bathrobe and slippers. Treat yourself to a healthy meal like a fresh organic salad and continue on your pampering journey with an at-home manicure. You can also opt for a meditation session.

Pressed for time? Sneak in your bubble bath after the kiddos are in bed or after you’ve closed your laptop tired from a late night of work. According to this article, you can receive the health benefits of a warm bath after just 15 minutes. Even if your “spa” session is shorter than you’d wish, a little “me time” is essential for mental health and balance.

Photos: Living Frenchly

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