I am always excited when I can find a little bit of Paris stateside. Ladurée is one of the top pâtisseries in Paris and is especially known for their macarons. You might recognize Ladurée from Sex and the City (Carrie eats there in Paris in the series finale) and Blair Waldorf treats herself to their airy confections in Gossip Girl.

Me in front of Ladurée SoHo

Ladurée first opened in 1862 and is rich with history. They opened one of the first tea rooms in Paris which gave women a place to socialize outside of the home in a refined atmosphere. When I took my first delicate bite of a Ladurée macaron in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près, I was simultaneously delighted and also sad knowing that I couldn’t get them at home!

Le menu at Ladurée SoHo

Since then, new Ladurée locations have been popping up in major cities in the States. I’ve had the pleasure of having brunch at the locations in SoHo and Beverly Hills so far.

Ladurée SoHo brunch
Ladurée SoHo dessert
A busy brunch at Ladurée SoHo

While I had excellent experiences at both places, I found the Beverly Hills location to be especially intimate, authentic, and friendly. The gentleman who took care of us spoke French and the entire staff was very knowledgeable about the company and its delicious treats. The food was flavorsome and made with high-quality ingredients and the coffee–outstanding.

Ladurée Beverly Hills
Our table at Ladurée Beverly Hills
Ladurée Beverly Hills omelette and baguette

Which brings me to dessert. While I certainly adore the atmosphere and relish the food, it’s the desserts that make Ladurée a priority to visit. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Ladurée Beverly Hills Saint Honore
A delightful welcome-the Ladurée Beverly Hills Front Counter
Ladurée Beverly Hills Ispahan

Needless to say, I’ll be back whenever I can as it’s always nice to indulge your inner Marie-Antoinette for a moment!

Ladurée Beverly Hills macarons

Here is a link to the Ladurée locations in the United States so you can see if there’s one near you. Bon appétit!

Photos: Living Frenchly