Today I was thinking about how I feel stuck in a rut and I decided to reread some of my highlights from Jamie Cat Callan’s Parisian Charm School: French Secrets for Cultivating Love, Joy, and That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. Jamie Cat Callan is an author I discovered in 2012 when I was preparing for my time in Paris. (I first read her book: Bonjour, Happiness!: Secrets to Finding Your Joie de Vivre.) She has interviewed many French women during her career and has some great tips for living the joie de vivre-or as we like to call it around here-living frenchly!

I read a passage she wrote about seeking change when you’ve hit a wall. While it’s difficult to shake things up in a big way right now, I’ll settle for small changes until I can travel again. As she says, small changes cause more changes that can alter your life for the better!

So what are some fun changes we can all make right now?

Get more creative with your nails. If you’re a classic French mani gal, try doing rose gold tips.

Rose Gold Mani

Try a new hair style (an easy way is to add a scarf)…

Swap out a classic nude lipstick for a bold red…

Cook a new recipe like this French Vegetable Tarte.

Living Frenchly Tart

Start a creative project. Start a blog, write a book, knit a blanket, paint, the options are endless!

Add a new habit to your daily routine. I’m adding afternoon tea and journaling time.

Buy the shoes! (Or the bag!)

Welcome a fur baby to your family. We’ve loved having our new puppy around (she’s getting so big!).

Choose a cause to champion…

( Tee by philoSophie’s )

Take a class. There are many online options or go through your local community college. This semester, I re-enrolled in French (bien sûr!).

And this is just getting scratching the surface!

Do you have any ideas of small changes we can make today? Please share in the comments!

Photos: Living Frenchly

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