Bonjour, mes amis! In my last post, we talked about how the beginning of September is like New Year’s in France. A time to reinvent yourself. Today, in the spirit of a new week, I’d like to share 15 ways you can give your own life a seasonal refresh!

Pourquoi Pas (why not)…

  • Get a new haircut or color. 
  • Experiment with a new brand of makeup or start wearing a product you normally don’t (like highlighter or lip liner).
  • Hire a personal stylist. This one sounds expensive, but if you use a service like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, it’s only a $20-$25 styling fee. Also, Nordstrom and some department stores offer personal styling for free. Just call and make an appointment. (I should mention that as a personal stylist I’m a little biased, but I truly believe it’s a great value and fun!) 
  • Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night. Take a bubble bath by candlelight, exfoliate, rock that face mask, and complete the evening with your best pajamas (no old sweatpants allowed!). 
  • Enroll in a class. Have a language or skill you always wanted to learn? There’s no time like the present. Classes in French, cooking, piano, flower arranging, sewing, art history, and ballet are just a few ideas!
  • Start a new fitness routine. Want something methodical? Try yoga. Strengthen your core? Pilates. Cardio mixed with weights? Cardio Barre. You can take a dance class, play tennis, or just walk around your neighborhood. 
  • Go dancing! There’s always an opportunity to dance if you look for it. Try a ballroom dancing class, go to salsa night, or go to dance to a DJ at a bar. Whatever sounds the most fun to you. 
  • Elevate your lunch and try it the French way. Take your full hour lunch break and no eating at your desk. If you bring your lunch to work, bring silverware and a cloth napkin. Make it a nice experience for yourself. You deserve it. 
  • Buy fresh produce throughout the week. Most people do a large food shop at the grocery store once a week. Try going to the Farmer’s Market during the week to get fresh in-season produce to add to your meals. For my meal-planners out there, a little spontaneity will be fun. Imagine seeing a beautiful eggplant and deciding to make something with it that night just because it looks good. 
  • Tap into your creative side. Make something. Draw, paint, write a short story or poem, sew, knit, or sculpt pottery.
  • Volunteer. Be grateful for what you have (it’s the ultimate mood booster) and share some of your good fortune and time with those who need it. 
  • Make a goal. We have about three and a half months before 2020 begins! Let’s make it count. Take your goal and break it down into small actionable steps. Assign each step to a day or a week leading up to the new year. Put it on your calendar to celebrate your success on January 1st!
  • Celebrate you! Speaking of celebrating…take a moment to celebrate you. Your accomplishments, all that you do for others, and well…just for being you. Maybe it’s a dinner out to your favorite restaurant, bubbly on a patio, a little shopping trip for something special you’ve been saving for, or a bouquet of flowers.
  • Travel. Whether it’s a day trip to the nearest city, a weekend away, or an excursion to another country, traveling will always give you a fresh perspective on the world and yourself. 

I hope that these ideas are helpful to you. I love a season of change and regularly implement some of these activities into my schedule to keep things fresh and to grow. Follow along in future posts as I do some more of these steps. Which one appeals to you the most at the moment? 

Have a great week!

Photo by Living Frenchly

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