If you are lucky enough to spend time in Paris, you will eventually learn that it isn’t all macarons, peonies, and gorgeous people wearing high fashion. It can be gritty and difficult. And let’s keep in mind that it’s a city, and just like other cities people actually live there. There are crimes, civil unrest, politics, and not-so-instagrammable areas. Just like anywhere else.

And that is how I knew I truly loved Paris. Because even after experiencing the mundane and even disturbing, I loved it there all the same. Loving a person or a place is easy when it seems perfect, non? It is when the real challenges come up that you discover if your feelings are conditional.

I am just as eager to read Le Monde online and follow the latest election as I am to cook a French recipe or admire beautiful photographs of the city. I crave knowing what’s going on there, not just the pretty touristy bits. (And don’t get me wrong-I am always inspired by the beautiful offerings of French culture and if you read this blog regularly, I assume you are, too!)

But there’s more.

The new paris podcast

I discovered a podcast called The New Paris where the host, journalist Lindsey Tramuta, delves deeper into Parisian culture. I am so grateful for finding this. She is intelligent, well-spoken, empathetic, and frankly, is really refreshing. She explores a variety of topics with gusto and has a diverse selection of guests. Some of my favorite episodes include-

  • Episode 36: Femininism a la Francaise: Live Panel Discussion
  • Episode 41: Ode to the Seine River with Elaine Sciolino
  • Episode 45: On Race & Identity with Thomas Chatterson Williams
  • and most recently, Episode 58: Disability rights and accessibility in Paris.

(I should note, I’m still catching up and haven’t heard all of the episodes yet.)

So if you’re looking to get to know Paris beyond the latest exhibit or the lauded restaurants of gastronomy enthusiasts, check out The New Paris podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or Spotify.

And while I’ll still be sharing my love of macarons, peonies, and high-fashion, I’ll also be sharing my stories and learnings of the other side so you too may have a greater understanding of this beautiful and complex city and fall in love with the real Paris.

Photos: Living Frenchly

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