Please note: this post is for my 21+ readers. Please drink responsibly.

The start of June has everyone scrambling for some sun and a refreshing apéritif. Aperol Spritzes seem to be the apéritif du jour, but have you ever tried France’s Lillet?

Lillet is a fortified wine blended with herbs and fruit in a secret recipe. It is made in the village of Podensac, France (and has been since 1887!). Because it is from the Bordeaux region (Podensac is 20 miles south of the city of Bordeaux), you should drink it in a Bordeaux wine glass to enhance its flavors and aromas.

While you can serve Lillet straight chilled or on the rocks, I recommend combining the Lillet Rosé with club soda and lime to make a spritzer.

I enjoyed my Lillet spritzer while finishing the final chapter of Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. I loved the sneak peek into 1920s Paris and the writers’ scene. If you like that subject, you must see the film, Midnight in Paris. But that’s another blog post all together!

I hope you enjoy this Frenchly apéritif…if you try one, please let me know what you think in the comments below! For more Lillet recipes, click here.


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