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One of my favorite podcasts is about…(big surprise)..Paris! Created by Australian Oliver Gee, The Earful Tower digs deeper into the inner workings of our beloved Paris. Oliver hosts each episode and often interviews other expats or influential people in the city. His charm, wit, and honesty elevate the already interesting and informative interviews. A former full-time journalist, he is a fabulous interviewer–never missing a beat, listening carefully to his guests, always asking for clarification if needed, and leaving nothing unanswered.

I am always delighted by his guests. They all have such a unique perspective on the city and much to share. Past guests have included:

  • Adrian Leeds of House Hunters International
  • Eric Lejoindre, the Mayor of Montmarte
  • International model Caroline de Maigret
  • Author John Baxter
  • Professional cook and author, David Lebovitz
  • and many, many more.

Following the podcast has become almost like watching a play with a vibrant cast of characters in the most glorious setting of Paris. Each character enters and exits with such energy and passion, adding more threads to the tapestry of the city’s story, leaving the audience excited for the next scene (or podcast).

The Earful Tower
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The vast array of topics covered on the show keeps things interesting as well. From history to literature, travel tips to fashion. There’s something for everyone. Oliver seems to really value his audience and wants to provide useful and new information. I always learn something new with each episode. I also appreciate that Oliver encourages people to speak French when in town and helps make it a little easier with his collaboration with French Today. I am a firm believer that you should always try to learn some of the language and about the culture before visiting another country. Not only to enrich your experience, but to respect the place you’re visiting.

Basically, The Earful Tower is the best of both worlds: informative and fun!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention “Lovely Lina”! Oliver’s talented wife makes the occasional guest appearance on the show. She is also intelligent and charismatic making them a dynamic duo. For one season, they drove around France on a red scooter as their honeymoon. If you look at their route on a map, it makes the shape of a heart. How cute is that?!

The podcast is free. And if you love the podcast as much as I do, you can sign up to be a Patreon member (like me!) for extra content like video “walk shows” where he explores the city on camera with his guests.

Ready to jump in?! You can find out how to listen to The Earful Tower here.

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