I have always loved the sound of an accordion, but my real love of French music began during my trip to Paris in 2012. As I mentioned before, I spent a month in Paris taking French classes which included a class on French music. This was probably one of the most fun classes that I have ever taken. One of the professors was also a professional singer and gave the most beautiful a cappella performance of “La Vie en Rose”. I literally got goosebumps and tears came to my eyes it was that good.

When I came back home, I longed for these culturally rich experiences. I found a way to continue my French music education and listening pleasure: Spotify. I signed up and found a 1920s French music playlist that is still one of my favorites to this day. A picture of it is shared below if you want to check it out.

A screenshot of the 1920s French Music Playlist on Spotify

There are other great Spotify French music lists like French Café , French Jazz, etc. A few years later, I wanted to tie in a French music experience into my wedding. We asked our wedding decorator to showcase this record player in a corner of the venue to create a little area where guests could sit, relax, and listen to this charming Françoise Hardy vinyl album. It was such a unique and personal touch to the day that everyone loved.

The Françoise Hardy album that was played at my wedding
Our little French music outdoor nook

After discovering new (to me) artists and songs through Spotify, CDs, and through my French classes, I found I wanted to be able to listen to French radio stations, too. This is when I found the Radios France app! I was delighted to see the variety of French radio stations I could now enjoy at home or in the car. Although they play a lot of American songs, one of my favorites is Alouette.

Some offerings on the Radios France app
The Alouette station is highlighted here

I hope that this post helps you get started listening to and learning about French music. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below!

Photo Credit: Living Frenchly

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